Mission Apps

Simply stated, our Mission Apps project is HUGE! It will include the largest set of mobile apps anywhere in the world.

When it is complete, it will include over 1,263 mobile apps, over 421 websites, which will be released in 93 languages around the globe. All of this is designed to help well over 600,000 Returned Missionaries worldwide.

Our Mission Apps project highlights include:

  • 1 Idea – Give all LDS Returned Missionaries a powerful set of tools to help them be successful and self-reliant.
  • 4 Platforms – Deliver these tools on the web, and also in the 3 major mobile platforms (Apple, Android and Windows).
  • 93 Languages – Deliver these tools in all 93 different languages that General Conference is released in.
  • 421 Website – There are 421 full-time proselyting missions worldwide, and we’ll build a website for each one.
  • 1,263 Apps – We’ll build a mobile app for each of the 421 missions and release it on all 3 platforms.

Please join us to make this project a success!